Nothing for kids to do? Youth groups to showcase work following drugs fears

Youth groups and charities are set to showcase the many opportunities available to young people tonight following fears that bored youngsters are becoming hooked on drugs.

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Supporting communities after a suicide

Co-founder of the Níamh Louise Foundation, James McBennett, is to speak at Coalisland Holy Family Church tomorrow evening. Here he talks about the charity’s message, its breaking of social taboos and the pressures of living through grief so publicly.

Western HouseJAMES McBennett and his family were rocked by the death of his 15-year-old step-daughter Niamh McKee.

Her sudden death in November 2005 was a seismic shock to the Clonmore community and the surrounding areas.

Not only was her life cut so heartbreakingly short, but she died through suicide.

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