Residents seek compensation over Lineside supermarket

Homeowners in Mourne Crescent have launched legal action against the developers planning to build a new supermarket on the Lineside, it has been revealed.

Rossdale Developments Ltd hope to construct a Newell Stores supermarket on the disused egg store warehouse site, on the Lineside.

But letters of objection sent to the planning authority have revealed several households have taken legal action against the developer after their gardens began to subside last year as a result of excavation work.

The homeowners claimed cracks appeared on their buildings and their gardens began to sink after diggers moved in to prepare foundations for the planned supermarket.

They now hope to receive compensation for the “negative impact” the development has had on the value of their properties.

In a letter of objection, one anonymous householder said: “While the revised application has abandoned the unrealistic road alterations, the impact on my property and a number of my neighbours remains.

“Our fears the development would have structural, privacy and visual impact on our properties has been borne out of my garden in particular suffering severe subsidence.

“There is on-going legal action in relation to a number of properties in Mourne Crescent because of the subsidence and the resultant financial negative impact on the value of the properties.

“The developer has so far failed to come up with adequate remedial action.”

The objector also claimed work on the proposed supermarket has “destroyed the considerable degree of privacy enjoyed by these properties for many years”.

The letter continues: “The boundaries put in place make no effort to restore our privacy or reduce the inevitable noise resulting from the increased traffic volumes if this building goes ahead.”

The divisive supermarket development was scrapped earlier this year following intense pressure from residents and community groups.

But the plans have been scaled back and were resubmitted for consideration on Thursday, September 15.

The DOE are now set to consider the plans before presenting their views to Dungannon Council.

A snapshot survey carried out by Coalisland Post suggested more than four in every five householders in the town are against plans to build a new supermarket at the Lineside.

>View the new planning application

What do you think about the proposals? Is a third Coalisland supermarket too much, or is it a welcome source of employment for the town? Let us know your views by commenting below






5 Comments on “Residents seek compensation over Lineside supermarket”

  1. Pragmatist says:

    it must have been so much better looking onto the rat infested eyesore that was the Old factory

  2. conserned says:

    just another outsider looking to take the money out off our town,and give nothing back.only more lost jobs ,would be the real knock on for other shops in the town..

  3. Jjj says:

    pragmatist Your right that it is not nice to look down onto rat invested eyesore but it probably would be better than looking down as you house devalues / people lose jobs the town becomes a grid lock in the knowledge that our local councillors support this buiding over other options because of questionable reasons.  So the real issue is why cant our local councillors see an opportunity to change this area into something that the town needs and RECCOMMENDED BY THE TOWN.

    aS USUAL PRAGMATIST you short signtness allows those in authority to play us off against each other rather than coming together to seek changes that we want……..

  4. Pragmatist says:

    Is it not great that someone (what does it matter if they are an outsider) wants to invest this sort of money in the town?What does the town need Jjj?Another bookies/pub/hairdressers or another white Elephant like the” heritage” centre.As for the town becoming gridlocked two cars or transit vans double parked does that already.Perhaps traffic wardens should patrol the town?

    I for one am staring unemployment in the face in the next few months and welcome any investment that brings new jobs to the town.Conserned what shops would be affected springisland/supervalue two other supermarkets owned by those cursed outsiders taking money out off the town.The fact is any new developement brings money into the town. 

    • wakeupandsmelltheroses says:

      New development does not automatically bring extra money rather it may shift the same money about i.e the town is saturated already.

      yes Springisland Supervalue have not brought much so do you suggest this imeans that we should allow another  market to do the same?????  only look in the past as a means of ensuring that we do not repeat mistakes, do not look upon it an an opportunity to approve them.

      We dont need to do anthing with the area why could it not be devoped as a focal point for the canal walk!!! pragmatist again rater than giving ridicule to options why dont you put a decent one forward…hairdressers supermarket etc no but ifwe cant decide them leave it be!!! because if a supermarket goes up now ot aint coming down.

      Also the history of the town is being lost i suspect a number off shops along the main street lineside will suffer due this

      HEED THE WARNING THE BUILDING OF SUPERMARKET PROVIDE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THE COUNCIL TO FORCE THROUG A ROAD BEING BUILT ON THE CANAL.  IN YEARS TO COME IF YOU WERE TO SHOW A VISTOR TO COALISLAND IT WILL go like this  here is supermarket 1 here is the heritage centre here is supermarket 2 here is where the canal used to start under that road HERE IS supermarket 3 .. and yes please ignore all the empty  buildings in between


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